Our projects

  • The WHO estimated that developing countries have as much as a 20 times higher risk of Health Care Associated Infections(HCAIs) than developed countries. In 2004, WHO led World Alliance for Patient Safety first launch a worldwide campaign on patient safety focusing on simple means like hand hygiene to combat HCAIs, with the core message “simple measures save lives”. […]

  • The WHO estimates that one million babies die each year from birth asphyxia (eg. inability to breathe immediately after delivery).  It is our aim to train the midwives and nurses of Kilembe Mines Hospital in the essential skills of resuscitation and support of transition of newborns. We do this with the help of the Helping Babies […]

  • The Kilembe Mines Hospital is the only hospital in western Uganda that is able to provide orthopedic care due to the presence of 2 qualified orthopaedic surgeons. However, the equipment available to the orthopedic surgeon is often not sufficient to perform the necessary surgeries. That is why we try to collect re-usable and high grade medical […]

  • Caries and gingivitis are the most widespread chronic diseases in the world. While they will not kill you, they do cause hardship, pain and a significant lowering in quality of life. “‘The man with a toothache thinks everyone happy whose theeth are sound.”  George Bernard Shaw Dental decay is the most common chronic disease, yet […]

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