Sunday, May 29th 2016

1. Cycling
This year three parcours will be prepared. There will be a 30, 50 and 70km tour for you to choose from. All of them will be signposted, but also a roadmap will be provided and there will be the possibility to download the parcours on your Strava-app (more information will follow). Departure will be possible between 9AM and 3PM. Arrival is to be planned before 6PM.

2. Roast chicken
In the evening you will be able to enjoy delicious roast chicken (with vegetables and french fries). This year two shifts will be planned: one at 6:30PM and one at 8PM. In the afternoon hot dogs will be available to satisfy those with a little hunger.

Start and arrival will be provided at Don-Boscocollege Zwijnaarde (Grotesteenweg-Noord 113, 9052 Zwijnaarde)

With the proceeds of Daktari Tour 2016, we support the Kilembe Mines Hospital in Uganda. For more information on our projects, please visit our projects page.

1. Cycling
Adults: 10 euro
Children <12 years: free

2. Roast chicken
Adults: 15 euro
Children <12 years: 10 euro

Cycling jerseys and t-shirts
Last year we provided an option to buy a Daktari Tour cycling jersey. This year these will only be available on special request. If you are interested in a Daktari Tour cycling jersey, please email us at info@daktariproject.com.
This year however, Daktari Project t-shirts will be available for purchase. More information will follow.

Registration is possible by filling in the form below, or by sending us an email at tour@daktariproject.com.
(Registration for roast chicken will close on may 20th 2016).

We look forward to seeing you there!



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