“Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine.” Lord Byron

Even though the above advice is a universal truth, medicine is usually a costly affair and all help is more than welcome. We are fully reliant on donations such as yours to realize our goals for the hospital in Kilembe.

The most obvious option for donations is the monetary kind. Your money will exclusively be used for the project in Uganda and you will receive regular updates through this website and our Facebook page to see how it is put to use. If you want to make a donation feel free to contact us about how your money will be put to use. Donations can be made on the following:

Daktari Project

IBAN:BE41 7340 4111 8410

Please leave your emailadress in the comment section so we can personally thank you for your donation.

Another option is to directly donate supplies that can be put to use in the hospital. The nature of these is very diverse, ranging from surgical equipment to dental fillings, even pencils and colouring books are very much appreciated by the children.
In 2015 we started collecting baby hats, as a part of the Helping Babies Breath program, to keep the newborns warm during the first weeks of their lives. More information about this program can be found on our Maternity section. If you wish to contribute by knitting baby hats you can download a step-by-step knitting pattern here. If you have baby hats lying at home, or you knitted some for the babies at Kilembe Mines Hospital, you can send them to the following address:

Daktari Project
Ter Linden 104
9052 Zwijnaarde

Please note your name and (email)address so we can personally thank you for your contribution.

A third option is to lend us your know-how. We are always open to suggestions and can set up a meeting to discuss how to apply your knowledge. We can also discuss an option for you to travel with us to the Kilembe mines hospital.